Hoy hemos celebrado el día de la Paz. Coincide con que estamos trabajando el proyecto de “Las Emociones”. Cuando en las asambleas hemos hablado de las distintas emociones han surgido otras que van de la mano y, en este caso, al hablar de la Paz, se ha hablado  también  de calma, de tranquilidad, de amistad, de amor, de  besos…en todas sus formas y colores. Todos los niños y niñas de Infantil del cole hemos hecho un “arco iris” con nuestros deseos de amor y paz. Para ello hemos utilizado las palomas y los corazones que vienen en la carpeta del proyecto. Los corazones los han relacionado en seguida con el amor y las palomas, después de algunas conversaciones, las hemos nombrado encargadas de repartir estos sentimientos por todas partes…y como decía al principio ciertas emociones están conectadas de manera que unas implican a otras. Y lo hemos podido comprobar porque nuestros sentimientos de amor y de paz nos han llenado de alegría.


Inmaculada Llavero García. Maestra de Educación Infantil del CEIP Ntra. Sra. Del Rosario de Villacarrillo (Jaén)

Noelia comparte su ASTROTRIVIAL

Noelia comparte su ASTROTRIVIAL

¡Hola! Soy Noelia del colegio Veneranda Manzano de Oviedo. Comparto con vostros nuestro “astrotrivial”. Ha sido el eje del proyecto que se ha trabajado desde todos los rincones buscando información a partir de las preguntas del mapa conceptual que surgió a través del: “qué queremos saber”, tomando notas, trabajando serie numérica, geometría en la construcción de sus dados para el juego (del plano al volumen), coloreando su mini juego que ha sido el producto final que llevaran a sus casas… en fin trabajar el proyecto del espacio y vuestros soportes de otro modo. Me encanta siempre poder compartir!! Un saludo.

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Cheap Jerseys china

Cheap Jerseys china

On the first day he started up his race car, Danny Thompson drank poison. He joked that he did it to impress a girl, but it was really an accident. A crew member had filled a Pellegrino water bottle with methanol, the sweet toxic fuel Thompson uses to warm up the engines.

It was hot, and the afternoon sun was beating down on the parking lot behind Thompson’s garage.Cheap Jerseys china He wiped beads of sweat from his brow, took a long swig, and the next thing anybody knew, he was gagging and heaving in the bushes.

Man, did it burn going down. Burned coming back up, too.

He spent the evening in the emergency room, where a doctor hooked him up to an IV saline solution and flushed him out in more ways than one. The damage: $1,300.

“They freaked out at poison control when I called,” Thompson said, his voice a hoarse growl. “That stuff can make you go blind.”

But Thompson was unfazed. He was back at work promptly at 7 the next morning. He snapped on his helmet, climbed into the cramped cockpit and gunned 4,000 horses of methanol fueled engines, this time mixing in a little nitro.

“Hoo ya,” he hooted, pumping his fist in the air. His baby, Challenger 2, was ready to roll.

Now, all he had to do was put on the wheels.

Later this summer, when the temperature dances around the century mark and the horizon shimmers over the Utah desert, Danny Thompson will squeeze into the “cigar on four wheels” that he has rebuilt by hand and rage across the desert floor faster than a 747 at takeoff.

He has more than one chance to break the record. The first was to have come this weekend, but rains forced the cancellation of the 100th annual Speed Week at the Bonneville Salt Flats. The next will be in mid September at Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout, followed by the Southern California Timing Association’s World Finals at Bonneville a few weeks later.

When his time comes, he will lie almost flat, his body mere inches from the earth, in a space the size of a coffin. He will see blinding white light ahead, noxious fumes will tease his nostrils, and he will hold onto the steering wheel for dear life; a wobble would signal that he’s losing his grip on the salt.

If he’s lucky, he’ll see the mile markers zip by 2, 3, 4, 5 and then he’ll pop the parachute.

Seventy seconds, that’s all it will take. Spectators who cluster at the three mile mark they can’t get any closer to the finish line for safety reasons will spot a tiny dot and a rooster tail of salt in the distance. Then, because light travels faster than sound, a few seconds later they’ll hear what sounds like a hive of angry bees.

In his mind, there can be just one outcome: Danny Thompson will hold the land speed record driving faster than 439 mph, maybe 450, maybe even 500 to hold onto the record for good. He’ll be the master of a tiny universe, one of just a dozen men to top 400 mph in a piston engine car.

He is not even thinking about the third possibility: Failure.

His father, Mickey, was one of racing’s early giants, an innovator who tasted both success and failure. He became the first American to top 400 mph, back in 1960, but a technicality kept him out of the record books.

Mickey was 32 then. Danny will be twice that age, and he doubts more than a few people will notice his feat, no matter how fast he goes.

Danny first seriously thought about restoring his father’s race car, Challenger 2, four years ago, on the 50th anniversary of Mickey’s record breaking run. It had been on his mind for a while, and he wasn’t getting any younger.

That was about $2 million ago. His retirement savings are gone, the 401(k) shot all to hell. He’s flat broke, not sure where his next dime will come from. He doesn’t have enough change to put gas in his pickup and jokes ruefully that he’ll go home one night and find his wife of 26 years has finally given up on him and changed the locks. He prays for a sponsor to magically appear.

But the truth is he’s never been happier. He can’t wait to get up in the morning and go to work. He’s fit, his cholesterol is low, and there’s a twinkle in his eye. No 64 year old should feel this frisky.

Danny knows he’s risking his life. Mickey didn’t want him to race because losing his son in a crash was his worst fear. In the end, it was Mickey who died too young and it wasn’t behind the wheel of a race car.

When he lost Mickey, for awhile Danny lost a version of himself. Now the youthful race car driver in him is back, and he craves speed.

“He’s hungry in a way that a very small percentage of people are,” says Danny’s 26 year old son, Travis. “He’s hungry in a way that is not vicious, that doesn’t want to hurt other people. He’s hungry for his own success.”

It’s not easy to measure that success. There’s no pot of gold at the end of this rainbow, and likely no fame, either. So why is he doing it?

Racing is in Danny Thompson’s blood. He idolized his hot rodder father, an icon of Southern California’s car culture whose motto was “stand on the gas.”

Danny’s parents met in high school, during spring break in Newport Beach; Judy, a cool blonde, beat Mickey at street racing and he asked her to a dance. She didn’t like the red haired Irishman at first; he was short and a bit of a loudmouth. But he took her to a drag race at El Mirage, and love bloomed.

Judy was in the middle of a valve job, covered with grease, when she went into labor with Danny. Mickey wasn’t home. He was off racing, and setting the first of many records.

As he grew up, all Danny wanted to do was race cars. By the time he was 9, he was entering events in the quarter midget class at Lions, a drag strip his father managed outside Long Beach. Kids drove race cars a quarter the size of adult cars around a track Mickey built behind the grandstand.



Beer bellies, the traditional male malady, are enough to put either sex off the idea of downing a cold one. “This is a silly myth. If folks get fat from drinking beer, it’s because their total calorie intake is too high, and they are not working it off.”

The good news

Beer contains some B vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It also has:While experts may pooh pooh beer bellies, the fact remains that alcohol is one calorie dense nectar, packing 7 calories per gram.cheapnfljerseysonlineus That’s almost as caloric as fat, which has 9 calories per gram. Don’t blame the malt. “The most significant source of calories in beer is the alcohol itself,” says Bamforth. “The stronger the beer, the more calories.”

Most 12 ounce beer with 5 percent alcohol by volume has a PointsPlus value of 5.

The typical 16 ounce draft pint has a PointsPlus value of 7.

Most 12 ounce “light” beers have a PointsPlus value of 4.

A 1 pint draft of light beer has a PointsPlus value of 5.

A 12 ounce nonalcoholic beer has a PointsPlus value of 2.

Can it improve your health?

Some studies show that moderate drinking may help lower the risk of heart disease, particularly in women over 55 and men over 45. But what is moderate? For women, it’s no more than one drink per day. For men, it’s no more than two. Exceed your quota, and the risks of heart and liver disease, stroke and accidents negate any perks.

Don’t follow the lite

The terms “light” and “lite” (or any other cutesy variation) have no legal definition. They could mean the beer is light in color or lighter than lead or anything else the staff at the brewery has decided.

Watch your low carb language

If the label reads “low carbohydrate,” the beer must have no more than 7 grams of carbohydrates per serving. But any beer can tout “reduced carbohydrates” or “lower carbohydrates” on its label, just so long as the brewery makes a more carb heavy beer. Shifty, eh?

Do suds wine style

A tip that adds civility and can shave PointsPlus values: “There’s nothing wrong with pouring a beer into two glasses at dinner like you would with wine,” says George F. Reisch, brewmaster for Anheiser Busch. Yes, you read correctly. One of the guys who make Budweiser takes his Bud in a white wine glass. “I actually think people should share beers more,” Reisch adds. “It’s smart and your last sip will still be cold.”

Nix the nuts

Those robotic grabs of peanuts or cheddar fish can add up to triple the calories and PointsPlus values of the beer you drink. Be prepared: Drinking can lead to snacking, so keep the right stuff on hand or see if you can charm the bartender into stocking better choices. Instead of party mix, try:

Beer Brewing And The History

Exactly when humans first began making alcoholic beverages such as beer is not known with any amount of certainty. However, a major turning point in human history was the transition from a foraging and collecting society to a productive, agrarian one.

This gradual transition happened very early (ca. 9000 7000 BC) in the Near East and the Fertile Crescent and the rest of the world followed. As a result, many historians are inclined to give credit the history of beer and brewing as starting with the Sumerians because of ancient records that tell of a prehistoric Eurasian cereal grains cultivated by the civilization at the time. It has been assumed that beer may have been brewing many years before then, primarily by the Chinese.

The historic grain, called emmer, is commonly thought to have been involved in the birth of beer. The resulting pooled liquid that collected beside it was pale, semi bitter, only slightly bubbly, and produced “god like effects” when consumed orally. Thus the history of beer and brewing had begun and the birth of beer was bestowed on man. Such a story cannot be verified, of course, but it is easy to image that such a thing could have happened.

The origins of beer soon led to a standardization of the practice of brewing, and there are not many who have brewed with more efficiency and structure than the Germans. The German Beer Institute (GBI) online notes that Germans have been brewing ales for at least three thousand years, traditional dark lagers for about five centuries, and the blond, crisp, clean lagers for which they have become so famous for only a little under 150 years. Pilsners, however, are only in their infancy, started under half a century ago.

Beer is made from four main ingredients water, yeast, malt, and hops. Malt is made from barley. Barley goes through the process of germination whereby the grain is moistened with water, causing it to sprout and form malt.

After the germination process, the malt goes through a screening where the dried sprouts are then removed. The malt is then ground, put into a large heated tub, and mashed. Water is then added to the mixture and cooked to a specific temperature.

The mash is then pumped into circular copper or stainless steel containers that have slotted bottoms and multiple stirring rakes. The solid items settle on the bottom of the containers which causes a filter, after the stirring has finished. This filter is what labels beer as a bottom fermented brew, due to the fact that the heavier items sink to the bottom.

The remaining liquid is now referred to as the wort. The wort will continue to flow through the filter of solid items into a brewing kettle, where the hops will be added. The hops and the wort are then boiled for two hours before the wort is strained, and the hops are then removed. The wort turns a darker shade during the boiling process.

The wort is then cooled before it is moved to a fermenting vat where it is mixed with the yeast. After fermentation, the beer is run into glass lined vats and kept for one to two months at near freezing temperatures. Carbonation is then added to the beer to make it effervescent. The beer is refrigerated, passed through a pressurized filter, and then packaged before being shipped to the markets.

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You basically named all the sites I go to for advice I am so guilty of Urbanspoon ing restaurants to decide whether to give it a go or not. I think a big reason why I do it is because I like the regular Jo opinion on it rather than a critic polished one. I don need to know how the chef did chef y stuff (flambe,julienned etc) to the food.

McCarthy held Rodgers out of practice on Wednesday, meaning he has not been on the field since he reinjured his left calf in the Dec. 28 regular season finale against the Detroit Lions. The Packers practiced twice last week during their playoff bye, and Rodgers missed both.

If you are also wondering same as the question above, then read the whole article as I have some few things you can do to treat your cold sore once and for all also you will find a range of things that usually will cause a cold sore and how you can treat it. But first can sunburns lead to cold sore? I would say yes the sun can trigger cold sores but usually that is because the person already has the virus. By the sound of your situation I say you are safe and you had sunburn lips, but lay off the kissing until your lips are completely healed and in future wear sun screen and a hat, sunburn is dangerous in itself..

You will also need to find out about business permits, traffic considerations,michael kors outlet sign regulations and lots more. Check if there are any zoning restrictions in your area that prohibits hanging a sign on your own property. Fittings, consultations, etc), determine the rules in terms of traffic.

This union being an organic, Louis Vuitton living thing capable of growth and development was, later, modified and confirmed by two other treaties, which guaranteed to all the parties Louis vuitton outlet in a just and eternal union all their rights, liberties, and respective institutions. The Polish State offers a singular instance of an new balance shoes outlet extremely liberal administrative federalism which, in its Parliamentary life as well as its international politics, presented a complete unity of feeling and Michael Kors store purpose. The Grand Duchy of Lithuania and its Ruthenian Provinces retained their statutes, michael kors tote their own administration, and their own political institutions.

Directed by Dennis Gansel. (R, 1:39)A horrifying accident at a remote, top secret location requires a corporate troubleshooter to investigate in this science fiction thriller. With Kate Mara, Anya Taylor Joy, Toby Jones, Jennifer Jason Leigh and Paul Giamatti.

canada goose jakke 3rk2

canada goose jakke 3rk2

1. Denne helgen: Glory av Grape

Briller vil bli fylt. Og tømt.

Vi har noen ide om viner som vil være i de brillene som fylles og tømmes, selv om Chef Laura Owen av CJS er å gi seg selv en god del av breddegrad på valg. Faktum er at “breddegrad” er tema for årets Glory av Grape. Mens tidligere “Glories” har fokusert på viner fra en bestemt region eller omtalt showdowns mellom land, er flaskene på årets arrangement bare begrenset av en bred geografisk belte belter, faktisk strekker seg over hele kloden.

“I år er det breddegrader. Alt fra 42 til 49 grader breddegrad”, sier Owen. “Det tar i Oregon, Washington, New York State, Spania, Frankrike, Østerrike og Tyskland” de fleste av de store vinproduserende regioner i verden. Og det er bare den nordlige halvkule.canada goose jakke Kast i de sørlige breddegrader, og du er New Zealand og Chile. Så himmelen er grensen.

Det vi ikke vet er hva slags mat vil bli koblet sammen med viner, selv om Owen, sammen med Curt og Jacquie Koon, har winnowed vinmenyen ned til ca 12 eller 13 viner fra 40 eller så som opprinnelig ble presentert av deres vin formidlere samplet og vurderes.

2. Tirsdag: Everglades City School utstillings

The Museum of the Everglades vil stille ut kunstverk av barn i Everglades City School.

Ligger i den lille byen Everglades City og under veiledning av deres kunstlærer Mr. Tribble, disse talentfulle studenter i alle aldre lage noen av de mest fantastiske deler av arbeidet. Utstillingen vil bli vist fra 1. juni til august 31. Fugler gjør det. Selv Havskilpadder gjøre det. Faktisk, hvert år noen av jordas mest utrolige skapninger ta til veien, ofte reiser tusenvis av miles, for å finne ressurser som ikke er tilgjengelige innenfor ett område på en helårs basis. Ta for eksempel den voksne havskilpadder. I løpet av våren og sommeren, disse skilpaddene migrere hundrevis, kanskje tusenvis av miles til Florida for å parre og hekker. Den kvinnelige av artene kommer i land om natten for å legge sine egg, på samme stranden der hun selv først ble klekket. Manatee migrasjon, på den annen side, reguleres ved dyrets kroppstemperatur. En dråpe i vanntemperatur, under 68 grader, i lengre tid og Manatee risiko død. Bevegelse til en av Floridas mange ferskvann kilder, med en konstant temperatur på rundt 72 grader året rundt, og tilbyr en trygg havn for denne truede arter.

Den McConville foredraget er brakt til deg av Marco Island Historical Society. Det er gratis for medlemmer av Society og $ 5 for ikke-medlemmer; alle er invitert til å delta. Rose Historie Auditorium ligger på 180 S. Heathwood Drive.

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canada goose jacket wSd9

Related Articles Hotels in Seattle Near Frankenmuth, Michigan Landmarks in Clarksville, Tennessee Celtic Festival in Buffalo, Missouri Cultural Festivals in Raleigh, North Carolina Weekend Getaways in the Lake District, UK

Perth’s downtown streets, lined with two story stone buildings of heritage architecture, have been preserved thanks to a heritage conservation district designation. While the small city in eastern Ontario’s downtown remains firmly planted in time, the Perth community has continued to progress, embracing nature, the arts and supporting the local economy.

Attend a Play The bulk of Perth’s dramatic performances occur at two theaters. The completely volunteer run theater company, Studio Theatre Productions, brings a number of short run plays to the Studio Theatre Perth stage each year.canada goose jacket Live performances range from classics like “The Wonderful Story of Mother Goose” to classics with a twist, such as “Little Women, the Musical.” Formerly a carwash, Full Circle Theatre is now unrecognizable from its previous incarnation. BarnDoor Productions, responsible for the renovation, produces a number of shows at the theater, while the Classic Theatre Festival calls Full Circle Theatre home each summer.

Ride the Blue Goose Board the Blue Goose, a 24 foot tour boat, on weekend mornings and afternoons at Last Duel Park on Craig Street. Visit historic Perth by canal, with a tour guide on board explaining each site’s significance. Points of interest include the location of the final fatal duel in upper Canada, the original route to the Perth military settlement of 1816 taken by the area’s earliest white settlers, the first Tay Canal from 1834, and visits to the Tay Marsh and its notable wildlife. Tours last less than three hours and require reservations.

Celebrate Like a Local Several times a year, people flood the Perth fairgrounds to partake in a variety of festivities, from honoring “stinking roses” at the Perth Garlic Festival to racing lawnmowers at the Perth Fair. The Perth Garlic Festival, the second week of August each year, promotes garlic growing and cooking practices with garlic selling stalls, garlic laced cooking demonstrations and live music. The Perth Fair, held each Labor Day since 1845, has agricultural roots with activities reflecting this heritage. Tractor pulls, team cattle penning and livestock shows are common sights.

Shop Fresh Farmers’ and artisans’ canopy tents pop up each Saturday morning at the Town Hall Market Square on the Tay Basin. crowds gather at the Perth Farmers’ Market to shop for local organic produce, meat and eggs. They browse selections of handmade pies and fresh baked breads, and ponder jars of homemade pickles and jams. Local musicians perform while market shoppers grab a lunch at nearby tables. She has contributed to various online and print publications, including the Skint Press travel series. Locke holds a Bachelor of Arts in English from Portland State University.



¿Qué ocurre cuando dejamos un buzón virtual abierto para que un niño o una niña pregunte todas aquellas cosas que le preocupan o que quiere saber de alguien o de algo?

En mi clase de 4 años del Colegio María Zambrano de Jaén, nuestro “Mago de las estrellas” nos dejó hace unos días su dirección de correo electrónico para poder escribirle (desde el cole o desde casa) y enviarle “pruebas” de nuestros avances y nuestro trabajo (como por ejemplo nuestras conferencias de los planetas).

Esta mañana una de las niñas nos ha traído a clase esta batería de preguntas, dudas e inquietudes que ella tiene respecto al Mago, y que ha decidido enviarle desde el correo de sus papás para ver si de esta manera llena a conocer un poquito mejor a ese Mago mágico que mueve la estrella de su ventana todas las noches, que nos deja regalos sorprendentes en clase envueltos en papel de estrellas, y que nos ha prometido un paseo por el cielo si somos capaces de aprender mucho de planetas y estrellas.

Esta es el correo electrónico que una niña escribió al Mago de las Estrellas:



















Compartido por:

Ana Belén Cerezo Cantero

Blanca Aguilar y los dinosaurios

Blanca Aguilar y los dinosaurios

Al hilo del proyecto de los dinosaurios, como realmente son fuentes inagotables de ideas, en clase han pasado cosas nuevas que nunca antes nos habían pasado cuando hemos trabajado con otras promociones este mismo tema.

Una de ellas ha sido la feliz idea de poner en comunicación a alumnos de diferentes edades y grupo clase para que pongan en común sus saberes acerca del dinosaurio que han apadrinado. Cada una de las tutoras de las clases participantes en la actividad se ha hecho cargo de seis dinosaurios, y ha acogido en su clase a seis (o siete) grupos de alumnos, muchos de los cuales nunca antes habían estado juntos en una situación de trabajo. Los pequeños han puesto en común los soportes que recogían sus saberes, algunos aportados desde las casas, otros elaborados en el centro, y han dialogado sobre qué informaciones resaltar como más importantes para dar una conferencia después al resto del grupo.  Ciertamente un buen soporte ayuda mucho a tomar decisiones. Hemos podido disfrutar de las situaciones que se han producido entre mayores y pequeños, cómo algunos mayores mediaban ayudando a los pequeños a revisar los textos que escribían, del mismo modo que nosotros los docentes hacemos con ellos. Y una vez más se ha puesto en evidencia que alumnos de diferentes edades y niveles educativos pueden mostrar sin embargo niveles parecidos de conocimiento del sistema lingüísitico, así como la riqueza de las situaciones de lectura y escritura compartidas. Después de las conferencias cada uno individualmente ha completado el soporte de su dinosaurio que forma ya parte del libro colectivo del aula.

1.3 1.5 1.4

A lo largo de situaciones que han tenido lugar durante todo el ciclo los alumnos han ido poco a poco elaborando un documento, a modo de rúbrica, que han tomado como referencia para las conferencias.


Otra situación muy interesante ha puesto de manifiesto la fuerte carga lógica que entraña este proyecto. Hemos compuesto con las pegatinas de dinosaurios del material de aula unas tarjetas con las que hemos jugado en la asamblea a clasificar los dinosaurios según diferentes criterios: según la alimentación, el tipo de cadera, el tamaño, la presencia de placas…obteniendo diferentes “mapas” de la familia de 26 dinosaurios que hemos trabajado.

3.1 3.2

Entre las peticiones de nuestros pequeños este curso ha salido la idea de “construir” dinosaurios. Uno “gigante” con cajas de cartón, otro en el patio de la clase tipo “art attak”, como ellos nos pidieron, con telas y otros objetos en el suelo. El primero ha sido fruto de muchas decisiones: discusiones sobre qué dinosaurio, para determinar finalmente hacer un “proyecto” en el que todos estuviéramos de acuerdo creando otro nuevo dinosaurio con los atributos que más nos han gustado de todos ellos. En esta tarea nos ha inspirado mucho el libro “Ricardo y el dinosaurio Rojo” que edita Anaya. Hemos escrito una carta a casa para pedir cajas y hemos probado cuáles usar para qué partes del dinosaurio, y sobre todo, muchas pruebas para decidir cómo conseguir el equilibrio. Por fin les hemos ayudado con el cutex y el fixo, solamente, el resto ha sido cosa de ellos, que iban pasando en grupos de seis a decorarlo “al estilo Violeta Monreal”, que les encanta. Como de los dinosaurios pasamos casi sin sentir a los dragones, empujados por los cuentos de la semana cultural, decidimos ponerle alas, que por cierto y por casualidad son “retráctiles”. El resultado nos enorgullece.

4.4. 4.3

Y he aquí los resultados de nuestro trabajo en el suelo del patio. La dificultad añadida es que  un equipo inciaba el trabajo y el siguiente lo continuaba, respetando lo que encontraba. Como en clase somos cuatro equipos, mirad qué dos resultados. Este arte efímero, que así llaman nuestros pequeños a este tipo de producciones (y realmente, es así) tiene ese valor inmediato de un momento del que nuestras clases están tan llenas, vividas desde la creatividad, el respeto, el diálogo y la corresponsabilidad.

5.4 5.3



Cow parade desde Granada!!!

Cow parade desde Granada!!!

Soy Mari Carmen, maestra de Educación Infantil en el centro Enrique Tierno Galván de La Zubia en Granada. Trabajamos con proyectos con mucha ilusión, ganas de aprender y de hacerlo bien. Llevamos ya tres años con vuestros proyectos y estamos haciendo cosas muy bonitas. Aquí os dejo fotos del proyecto de las vacas (cow parade) de mis compis de tres años. Dentro de poco compartiré con vosotros algunas fotos del proyecto de los castillos.


vaca1 vaca2 vaca cow vaca